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Ready to level up your dental care? Join the Karimi Dental family today! Our high-tech office, caring team, and seasoned dentist will be there for you and your family every step of the way. Whether you are an anxious patient who requires sedation dentistry or a patient who needs a full set of teeth, Karimi Dental is your new dental home. Here's why:

We Offer the Latest Dental Technologies & Painless Injections

Karimi Dental dental examination areasOur team ensures that all current OSHA and CDC infection control guidelines are met and monitored daily. We continue to keep pace with the latest in dental technology and have modern equipment to provide you with the best dental care possible. Even better, our office is equipped with dental lasers and digital x-rays which reduce the radiation exposure to our patients by 90%, intra-oral cameras, and all the latest dental materials and methods are used.

Meet Our Caring & Friendly Team!

One of the most special aspects of our dental practice is our caring and friendly team! One of the most common comments we get about our dental practice is that we are like a family and our office is cheerful and upbeat! Our goal is to make your dental visit a comfortable experience, and we do an excellent job of keeping our schedule running on time.

Fully Digital Dentist's Office

Our office is completely digitized which helps make scheduling appointments easier and tracking your dental history more seamless. We provide confirmation of upcoming dental appointments via email and texting, or if you prefer a telephone call we can provide this as well. We make every effort to accommodate each one of our patient’s needs.

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Whether you need a simple exam or a full mouth reconstruction, our team of dental experts is here to find the best solution for your smile goals. Call Karimi Dental today to schedule your consultation!

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