Root Canal Treatment in Long Beach, CA

Tooth infections can be incredibly painful and lead to more serious dental health concerns. At Karimi Dental, our team is here to help you save infected teeth with gentle root canal treatments. Root canal therapy is a powerful treatment that can prevent tooth loss and provide the relief you need from dangerous infections. And now, thanks to advances in modern dentistry, the procedure is painless!

Karimi Dental provides the top root canal treatments near Long Beach, CA because we work to provide the gentle relief you need while promoting your total body health! We offer emergency appointments seven days a week for urgent tooth pain that can't wait — and we even offer safe sedation options, designed to help make this procedure stress-free!

What is Root Canal Therapy?

dental chair at Karimi DentalRoot canal treatments are performed to remove infected areas of the soft, inner section of the tooth, also known as the pulp. Infections in this area can cause significant pain, and if left untreated treated, could cause the whole tooth to begin to die. A root canal can save the tooth, allowing for proper healing and even further strengthening of the tooth!

During your root canal treatment, Dr. Karimi will remove decay from the tooth, then enter the canal to remove infected tissue and apply an antimicrobial medication to clear the infection. Next, he will fill the canal with a rubber-like putty and build up your tooth structure with a dental filling.

After the infection has been treated, the tooth is topped off with a natural-looking dental crown. Karimi Dental provides luminous, custom-crafted crowns that are designed to naturally blend in with the rest of your smile.

What are the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy?

Dangerous infections at the root of your tooth can lead to health consequences like missing teeth, shifting teeth, and even bone loss. Root canal therapy allows your dentist to remove decay and clear dangerous infections, allowing you to preserve your natural teeth.

At Karimi Dental, we never want procedures like root canal therapy to be scary or uncomfortable. Modern advancements in dental education, tools, and technologies have allowed root canals to become more comfortable and less invasive for each patient. For those who suffer from dental anxiety or just need extra help staying relaxed in the dentist's chair, we offer sedation dentistry services to promote relaxation throughout your procedure. `

Do I Need A Root Canal?

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, our team will use advanced diagnostic tools to determine if root canal therapy is the right treatment route for you:

  • Swollen, tender gums
  • Pain and tooth sensitivity
  • Gum abscess
  • Sharp pain when chewing or biting down

These signs can indicate that decay has reached the pulp of your tooth, resulting in infection or an abscess at the root of the tooth.

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

Your total out-of-pocket root canal costs will vary depending on the terms of your dental insurance plan. To make it easier for our patients, our Long Beach, CA dental office is in-network with the majority of major dental insurance carriers. We even work with all PPO plans!

If you need additional help financing your treatment, we also offer low-interest and no-interest monthly payment plans through CareCredit.

Have questions about financing treatments like root canal therapy? Call today to speak with a member of our friendly team!

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Untreated infections can affect more than your oral health — they can impact your total body wellness! If you're experiencing persistent tooth pain, swelling, or a dental abscess, call Karimi Dental today for the gentle, effective care you deserve.

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