Sedation Dentistry in Long Beach, CA

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Karimi Dental has a solution for you! For our patients who experience dental anxiety, have special healthcare needs, or just need help to stay relaxed throughout their dental appointment, we offer safe sedation dentistry to make each procedure as stress-free as possible!

patient asleep during oral surgeryOur office provides oral conscious sedation to help anxious patients relax during their treatments. Oral conscious sedation is a mild to moderate sedative typically taken as a pill prior to the procedure. The result is a feeling of drowsiness or falling into a light sleep.

If you decide to receive oral conscious sedation, Dr. Karimi will assess your health history and oral health concerns to create a safe, customized sedation plan tailored to your needs!

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We never want your dental appointments to be stressful or uncomfortable! The team at Karimi Dental is here to provide a comfortable dental experience at every visit. Call us today to learn how our sedation dentistry services can help you relax in the dentist's chair!


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